Tour de Scranton

Tour de Scranton 16
April 28th 2019

Benefits The Erin Jessica Moreken Drug & Alcohol Treatment Fund
A Non-Profit Organization 501C3 Fox News 2018 |

Erin’s Fund was established in 2002 for the purpose of helping young people find and obtain treatment for their drug and alcohol addictions. Erin Jessica Moreken was a resident of our area, graduate of Scranton High School, and student at Temple University, when she met a premature death at the age of twenty eight due to a drug overdose. The Tour de Scranton is being held in her memory, so that young people of our region may benefit from treatment and live their lives and their dreams by conquering their addictions through treatment.

Bike Ride
Choice of 6 Routes: (All routes start at Scranton High School)

Route 1
Lackawanna County Heritage Trail: Up to 7 miles Closed Course

Route 2
To Valley View Elementary and back (approx. 15 mi.)

Route 3
To Carbondale Area HS and back (approx. 32 mi.)

Route 4
To Forest City HS and back (approx. 46 mi.)
This course has ~1800' of climbing in the 25 mi. to Forest City High School.

Route 5
From Scranton HS to Forest City HS then around Elk Mt. and back to Scranton HS on back country roads. (approx. 65 mi. loop) This route is for serious cyclist.
This ride will have an addition 3100' of climbing in 40 mi. after leaving Forest City HS and before returning to Scranton HS. There will be many hills to climb on this route around Elk Mt., through Clifford, Greenfield Twp., and Scott Twp. The last rest stop will be at Lakeland HS before returning to Scranton HS. There will be 3 water stops between the ~29 mi. segment from Forest City HS to Lakeland HS.

Route 6
Utilizes the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail through Peckville, Archbald, Jermyn, Carbondale, Simpson, and Union Dale. Route 6 Depot Street Trailhead in Blakely(River and Depot Streets:30-60 mi.) Riders will use the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail. Road bikes are strongly recommended. Rest stops Carbondale High School (~17 mile round trip); Forest City (~35 mi. round trip); Herrick Center (~49 mile round trip)

Tour de Scranton River Walk
Lackawanna River Heritage Trail on Olive Street in Scranton

Registration is available up until 10am the day of event. Bike/Walk registration starts at 9:00 AM at Scranton High School and start time for all Bike routes is 10:00 AM. Walk starts at 10:00 AM following the Bike start. On line registration is available for Walkers and Bikers on the following link below. Registration rates increase after April 24th midnight.

*All Participants of the Tour de Scranton must follow the "Rules of the Road" and All Traffic Laws.

Marshalls will be strategically placed along the routes to insure safety.

1. Traffic has the right of Way.

2. Bicyclists must ride with traffic.

3. Bicyclists must ride in single File.

4. Bicyclists must obey all traffic laws.

5. Bicyclists must obey all stop signs and stop lights.

6. Marshalls must be aware of traffic.

7. Marshalls assigned to an intersection with traffic lights, must stop bicyclists when the light is red.

8. Marshalls assigned to an intersection with a traffic light must state “Clear” when the light is green to indicate the bicyclists may resume travel.

9. Marshalls assigned to an intersection with a STOP sign must be sure that the bicyclists obey the STOP Sign.

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